Two big painted canvases on a wall and four sculptures on stands at the 2024 Degree Show exhibition.

Behind the scenes: School of Design and Creative Arts students on their journey to the Degree Show

Every year the final-year students in the School of Design and Creative Arts (SDCA) put together a final collection to be shown in the Degree Show.

This is the culmination of their work throughout their course and a platform to raise their profile prior to graduating and starting their careers, as well as an opportunity to share their work with family and friends. 

LU Arts commissioned six students from design and creative arts to put together a short video charting their progress as they worked towards the installation of their collection for the 2024 exhibition which was open from 14-16 June. These videos give a fascinating insight into the processes involved and the range of skills and techniques the students have used to complete their collections. 

Alongside their videos, each of the students were asked to share a bit more about themselves and their practice and/or collection. Read more on the LU Arts website. 


Specialising in repurposing textiles through the art of printing, quilting and embroidery. 



Through various media, An uses art to rediscover and recover memories, both from her early childhood and those that are repressed. 


Specialising in woven textiles and fashion design, integrating her passion for travel and culture into her creative projects. 



With a passion for image-making and storytelling, Zed’s projects this year have been focused on illustration and motion in various contexts — branding, advertising, narratives and editorials. 



Multidisciplinary artist whose work is inspired by natural landscapes and explores the intersections of colour, texture and form. 



Film-maker whose practice centres around her desire to understand the meaning of home and its role in the creation of one’s sense of self.